Online Medicine Purchase in Online Domain

Prescription Drugs Online - 5 Essential Tips to Buy Safely and Securely

With the advancement of technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, e-commerce has stood out. More and more people leave aside the usual way of making their purchases and opt for the online form. However, despite the ease, buying drugs on the Internet raises doubts among consumers.

Online Pharmacy: Is Buying Medicines Online Safe? 

The advantages are many, the main one being that you don’t have to travel when you are sick. For you to be able to enjoy the comforts of commerce via the web , without fear, we will explain in this post what must be observed to make a safe purchase.

Check if the pharmacy has a physical store

One of the prerequisites established by the National Health Surveillance Agency for medicines to be sold over the internet, is that the company that is selling online has a physical store.

There should also be a pharmacist available for care. Then research if the site chosen for the purchase has any branch open to the public. As you Buy Online Medicines you need to have all the options open.

See if the web address is secure

To assure the consumer that he is not buying a fake medicine at a non-accredited establishment, the drug authority determines that the sites always use the “” domain. Never buy products from pages that do not end with this acronym.

In addition, the company’s data must be included on the main page as:

  • company name
  • physical address
  • telephone
  • opening hours
  • name and CRF record of the responsible pharmacist

Check if the medicine is approved 

Verifying that the required medicine is released is a good way to check if the drugstore is serious. The agency is responsible for the safety of the drugs and performs all the necessary tests for the sale of the medicine.

Attention: some vitamins and supplements do not need registration, but it is highly recommended that a nutritionist or pharmacist be consulted.

Research drug prices

Be wary of drugs with the price well below the market. Sometimes, establishments do promotions, so you need to research.

A good strategy when it comes to promotions is to check if the other products on the site are at market value. Laboratories usually maintain a fixed distribution cost, so there is no miracle.

If all the drugs on the same site are priced very low, this is not a good sign. This can indicate counterfeit products or even smuggling and cargo theft. So stay tuned!

Do not buy on non-prescription sites

The sale outside the physical establishment of any medication that requires a prescription is prohibited. So do not buy products on websites that sell this type of merchandise, as they are violating the law and are certainly not serious companies.

The drug with special control and prescription retention can even appear on the website with the value and characteristics, but without a photo and with a prohibited sale message via the internet.

Check if the product is sealed

At the time of delivery, make sure that the drugs are in sealed packages, with barcode and security stripe. Also note if it is valid. If you continually use the medicine or have a box at home, you can make a comparison to make sure it is not a counterfeit product. Buying over the internet is an excellent option, offering a lot of convenience. Although many people are still left behind, following the safety tips, it is very difficult for something to go wrong. And you, do you usually buy medicines on the internet? Or are you thinking about getting started? Leave a comment in the post with your doubts or tell us your experiences if you have already bought.