You Need To Take A Close Look At This Before You Buy An Individual Dental Insurance Plan

If you’ve been looking into buying an individual dental insurance plan there’s something that you should be aware of. Buying “insurance” may not be your best option, especially if you need to see a dentist right away for an existing problem that you may have. You see, insurance, as a whole, does not cover any type of “pre-existing” condition. That means that if you have a mouthful of cavities, you are on your own.

The word “insurance” basically means to “protect” or “provide protection against” something bad happening. This bad thing that you’re being protected against could be damage to your home, an auto accident, someone slipping and falling on your property, breaking your arm or developing caries (cavities) in your teeth. Notice that I said “developing” not “existing”.

A dental insurance plan won’t begin to help you pay for existing issues until you’ve completed a one year waiting period, and even then, you’ll only receive partial assistance.

Individual dental insurance plans are expensive too, depending upon where you happen to live and the amount of coverage that the plan is meant to provide.

There are alternatives to an individual dental insurance plan that can provide you with immediate help, if you are in pain or need dental care right away. These alternatives are called discount dental plans and you will save a lot of money by using one. The savings on many of these plans are as high as 60% on basic and major dental care.

Also, discount plans are provided by many big name companies, such as Aetna, GE Wellness, Patriot and many more names that you can trust. So if you’ve been considering an individual dental insurance plan, take a look at the care and savings that discount dental plans can offer you RIGHT NOW, instead of paying full price or waiting a full year to get your teeth fixed.

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