Why Every Home And Workplace Should Have Hand Sanitizers

It is a known fact that germs and bacteria are virtually everywhere. In fact, every square centimeter of the skin in your hands is teeming with around 1,500 of them. This is why medical experts have always emphasized the importance of maintaining proper hand hygiene — which can be done by regular hand-washing, carrying your trusted hand sanitizer with you, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth whenever your hands are dirty.

In this particular article, we’re tackling the vital role of hand sanitizers: Why should every home and workplace should be equipped with these products?

Why Hand Sanitizers Are Essential

Since ancient times, people have practiced hand-washing as a basic form of maintaining proper hygiene. With the invention of hand sanitizers — some records state that the first product of its kind was introduced in the 1940s, some claim it is during the 1960s — consumers now have an alternative when hand-washing with soap and water is not immediately available.

Though it can’t completely get rid of pathogens, a hand sanitizer — which has at least 60% alcohol — is still effective in stopping the spreading of disease-causing microorganisms.

Observing Proper Hand Hygiene Begins At Home

Though maintaining proper hand hygiene is considered important, people are not that keen when it comes to doing hand-sanitizing techniques thoroughly. Unfortunately, a whopping 95% of the populace don’t wash their hands for a full 20 to 30 seconds (this amount of time is needed to kill germs and bacteria). Around 33% don’t even use soap when washing their hands.

With this negligence due to plain ignorance or misinformation, it is important to spread awareness how proper hand-washing should be done. And what better way to introduce or emphasize and practice this campaign than at home.

Besides teaching household members how to wash hands effectively, experts also recommend equipping high-traffic and highly-populated-with-germs areas with cleaning products like a hand sanitizer. These places include the bathroom, the kitchen, and near entrance and exit doors.

Once your loved ones make it a habit to wash their hands and use hand sanitizers, they’ll be able to observe it even while they’re away from home.

Hand Sanitizers At Work: Keeping Employees Safe and Productive

Apart from home, people spend most of their time in their respective workplaces (eight hours, the least). Therefore, it’s also recommended to practice hand-washing and use hand sanitizers in these spaces. Here are the top three reasons why:

It promotes cleanliness. As already mentioned, proper hand hygiene is utterly important. However, as you cannot ensure they everyone dutifully washes their hands, offering some “reinforcement” is strategic. Place a hand sanitizer in strategic locations (entrance and exit points, reception area, bathrooms, cafeteria, and office desks) and encourage employees and even clients to take advantage of it.

It improves productivity. By reducing the risk of your employees contracting illnesses, you are indirectly boosting their productivity. With reduced absenteeism and improved health, expect your workers to deliver their tasks more efficiently.

It reinforces a positive image. By doing simple moves by encouraging the use of sanitizers, you are actually reinforcing your company’s image — you are showing your employees and your clients that you value cleanliness and safety.

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