Which is the best alcohol rehab in Sussex?

The drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex is located in a residential suburb, a peaceful and private location. The centre welcomes everyone who feels that their lives is overrun by stressful situations and misuse of drugs and alcohol.

At the alcohol rehab in Sussex you will be surrounded by warm and experienced stuff, doctors and nurses, but also other people that just like you are going through rough times at the moment. The recovery journey is easier with the right people by your side.

A holistic treatment plan means that both your physical and mental health will be a priority. A program usually starts with the detox phase, which many consider one of the hardest parts in the whole process. `Detox` is short for detoxification, and it’s importance is colossal at the beginning  precisely so you are no longer under the substance’s influence. Your body needs time to recover and this may take anytime from one to two weeks.

You might feel nauseous, disorientated, have tactile, auditory or visual hallucinations. You should not worry too much about this though, since the highly trained staff at the rehab centre in Sussex, will be by your side and will support you all the way with medication and techniques to cutback the suffering.

Apart from individual therapy sessions, there are offered group sessions. These meetings are exceptionally cathartic, since they allow you to share your experience, fears and thoughts with other people going through a similar situation. Both trough individual and group meeting you will get a better understanding of your addiction and how it impacts your behaviour and thinking, as well as your loved one’s lives. Going through the stages of grief, forgiveness and learning healthier habits will be part of your journey to recovery.

The drugs and alcohol rehab in Sussex differentiates from others due to the fact that they have their own gym and are very interested in promoting a healthy body, a rich nutrition and peace of mind. You are not required to work and participate in exercises that make you feel uncomfortable, but you should know that growth is always going to be uncomfortable and bitter. The main goal is to reach a healthier lifestyle.

The support from your family and friends will weight considerable in your recovery process. This is why the rehab centre in Sussex  coordinates family therapy sessions in a safe space, overseen by a counsellor. The sessions take place every weekend and everyone is welcomed. The importance of your family is tremendous in the recovery process, relationships can be rebuild, old problems resolved, and the most important is ensuring a supporting network for your post-rehab life.

Make the decision to take your power back, because you are worthy of all the efforts. It’s true that you can’t rush recovery. While progressing you will face all sorts of obstacles and challenges, but you will have good days too, when you’ll feel more like your past-self. Look forward to those happy and peaceful days. Look forward to progress!

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