Which 10 fitness studios or gyms are incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology for immersive workout experiences?

1. Black Box VR – a virtual reality gym that utilizes VR technology to create a gamified workout experience.

2. VirZoom – a virtual reality fitness platform that offers a variety of VR fitness games for indoor cycling workouts.

3. Icaros – a futuristic virtual reality fitness machine that enhances your exercise with immersive, VR experiences.

4. Blue Goji – a company that develops interactive fitness games that use VR and other technologies to motivate users to workout.

5. Holodia – a virtual reality rowing simulator that takes the user on immersive and exciting journeys.

6. HOLOFIT – a virtual reality rowing and cycling platform that transforms boring workouts into immersive and engaging experiences.

7. The VOID – a virtual reality entertainment center that offers a variety of VR experiences, including athletic challenges that let you feel like you’re living inside a video game.

8. Black Box VR – a virtual reality gym that uses smart resistance technology, VR exercise games, and personalized workout plans to help people reach their fitness goals.

9. Xrcade – a virtual reality fitness arcade that combines the latest VR technology with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

10. Widerun – a virtual reality cycling simulator that lets users ride through beautiful, interactive 3D environments while getting a killer workout.

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