Which 10 fitness influencers or celebrities are known for their dedication to promoting inclusive and accessible fitness for individuals with disabilities?

1. Jacoby Miles (@jacoby_miles) – a para-athlete and fitness trainer who promotes adaptive fitness for disabled individuals through her social media platform.

2. Brett Greenwood Foundation (@brettgreenwoodfoundation) – an organization established in honor of Brett Greenwood, a former Iowa football player who suffered a brain injury, that promotes adaptive sports and fitness programs for individuals with disabilities.

3. Molly Burke (@mollyburkeofficial) – a motivational speaker and disability rights activist who promotes inclusive fitness and wellness for disabled individuals.

4. Paralympic Games (@paralympics) – a worldwide multi-sport event for athletes with physical disabilities that promotes the importance of mindfulness, positivity, and inclusion in fitness.

5. The Rollettes Dance Team (@rollettes_la) – a dance team made up of wheelchair-bound individuals that promotes the importance of adaptive dance and fitness for disabled individuals.

6. Brooke Ence (@brookeence) – a CrossFit athlete and fitness trainer who promotes the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in fitness for all individuals.

7. Wim Hof (@iceman_hof) – a Dutch extreme athlete who promotes the power of breathwork and cold exposure for overall health and wellness, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with disabilities.

8. Special Olympics (@specialolympics) – a global organization that seeks to promote the importance of sports and fitness programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

9. Adaptive CrossFit (@adaptivecrossfit) – a community of adaptive athletes and coaches who promote the benefits of CrossFit for individuals with disabilities.

10. Lisa Barwise (@lisabarwise) – a fitness trainer and motivational speaker who advocates for disability-inclusive fitness and wellness programs.

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