When Do You Need An Emergency Root Canal?

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At the center of our tooth is the so-called pulp — an oral tissue that comprises soft connective tissues and other nervous and lymphatic elements. When this becomes severely damaged, it can cause quite an unbearable toothache. You may also need to undergo a root canal procedure, as performed by an Arlington emergency dentist.

Root Canal 101

The goal of this dental procedure is to disinfect the affected tooth. Typically lasting for around one to two hours, a root canal therapy involves flushing out the damaged tooth roots and tooth pulp through a dental drill. A solution that comprises water and anti-microbial elements is used to guarantee that any remaining pulp is removed.

Before the procedure starts, expect your Arlington emergency dentist to employ a high level of localized anesthesia to numb the affected site. There are cases wherein the patient is also put to sleep.

After the procedure proper, the empty space left by the removed pulp will be filled with a special material. To help keep the affected tooth intact, you may also get a crown or a dental filling.

Signs You Need To Know

So, how do you really know if it’s a simple toothache or something that already warrants a trip to the Arlington emergency dentist for a root canal? Here are the most important signs you need to know:

The pain you feel in your dental area is too severe. One of the most common signs associated with a pulp infection or damage is a severe tooth pain. Notches more painful than a regular toothache, this may even hinder you from focusing on your activities or getting proper sleep. The pain also becomes more sore when you touch the tooth, and is also linked with gum pain.

You notice a discoloration in your tooth. A damaged nerve inside a tooth may cause that tooth to become discolored. It’s an indicator that there’s something wrong with your pulp or pulp chamber. On the other hand, if your tooth becomes darker or gray or black in color, it should also alarm you because it’s also a sign that you’d need to undergo root canal therapy.

You experience tooth sensitivity. Along with a change in your tooth’s color, another symptom you need to watch out is prolonged tooth sensitivity — especially when you eat hot and cold foods.

There’s a pus coming from the affected tooth. Because of dental infection, you may also notice some pus coming out of the area surrounding the affected tooth. When you’re already at this stage, make sure to get in touch with a reliable emergency dentist as soon as you can before your dental situation gets worse.

There’s a dental abscess in your gum tissue. Dental abscess refers to the buildup of pus inside your gums. This is one of the tell-tale signs that warn of a severely damaged dental pulp. If you feel an unusually hard lump in your gums, accompanied by toothache, you should definitely consider getting a root canal procedure.

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