What you need to know about breast cancer

Cancer is one of the major diseases that is claiming lives in many countries and growing at a very alarming rate. One strain of cancer that has been there for many years is breast cancer. Though breast cancer has been around for many generations its strain is being fought and with much force in the sense that many women and men are being informed of the benefits of successful treatment of the disease if caught in its early stages and the measures that need to be taken in order to prevent it or to notice symptoms. Also measures are being aggressively taken for those who have not caught it early with various surgeries that have saved countless lives. It is important that your Medicare Advantage Plans 2020 includes drugs as well as treatment so as to be less likely to pay high costs during care.

 Breast cancer is described as cancer that starts in the tissue of the breast and there are two strains of breast cancer which are ductal carcinoma which begins in the ducts that transport milk from the breast to the nipple and most breast cancers are of this type and the lobular carcinoma strain which begins in various breast parts known as lobules which produce milk. In very rare situations breast cancer can manifest in another breast. A lot of cancers of the breast are sensitive to the hormone known as estrogen which causes tumors of cancer to grow and such a cancer is referred to as ER-positive cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer

There are various symptoms of breast cancer though early breast cancer does not cause or show any symptoms and these include

1.breast lump or lump in the armpit that is hard, has uneven edges, and usually does not hurt,

2.change in size, shape or feel of the breast or nipples such as redness, puckering that appears to look like the skin of an orange


4.Fluid coming out of the nipple that is bloody clear to the color yellow-green and looks a bit like pus.

5.Symptoms in men include breast pain, breast lump, and tenderness.

If advanced cancer is suspected its symptoms include bone pain, skin ulcers, breast discomfort and pain, swelling of the arm that is next to the breast with cancer and weight loss. If you see any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you see a doctor and get examined and also self-examination is recommended in order to search for the symptoms before going to a doctor and should be done once a month. Also, make sure to research and find out if your health insurance such as the Medicare Advantage plans will cover treatment and doctor’s visits and what added budget you will need to make. If caught early there is hope for higher chances of survival and effective treatment and a person living a relatively normal life thereafter.

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