What will happen if a man injects progesterone?


Progesterone is also known as the pregnancy hormone. It is highly essential before pregnancy and during it as well. 

Before pregnancy, progesterone is responsible for thickening the uterine lining to give a healthy and hospitable environment for the fertilized egg. Zeeva IVF clinic in Noida must be put into consideration to get the hormone levels tested. 

Some researchers believe progesterone may even help prevent miscarriages by encouraging the uterine lining to secrete more nutrients, providing food for an embryo in its first weeks of development. At the time of pregnancy, the progesterone hormone will go on providing a decent environment for the growth of the fetus. Some studies believe that progesterone can help with the prevention of miscarriages. This could be done by secretion of more and more nutrients. The level of progesterone falls with menopause. This is the reason why progesterone is used in hormone replacement therapy by doctors to treat menopause symptoms. 


Zeeva IVF clinic in Noida provides us with treatments to numerous issues pertaining to fertility and the level of progesterone hormone. It also offers various other comforts that enable the couple to attain favorable outcomes. 

Zeeva IVF clinic in Noida sets up personalized and individualized therapy maps that are made based on an in-depth examination of infertility that the client is confronting. Zeeva IVF clinic in Noida improves your likelihood of getting pregnant and increases the level of progesterone.  


Below are answers written to the question of how to increase progesterone to get pregnant via natural methods. To know how to increase progesterone to get pregnant, the two feasible techniques could be the sustenance of optimal and healthy body weight and the intake of vitex capsules. 

In some cases, the fat in our body will direct to the generation of extra as well as undue quantities of estrogen in the fat cells. Hence, when the dialogue comes to how to increase progesterone to get pregnant, the leading emphasis would be on the sustenance of a healthy as well as regular body weight and intake of vitex.


The progesterone hormone is not just exclusive to females. In the adrenal glands as well as in the testes, males produce progesterone. Regardless of progesterone being a female hormone, men require some amounts of it for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is highly essential in men for sex drive (libido), production of sperms, muscle strength, distribution of fat, bone density, and RBC (red blood cells) production. 

Progesterone also affects men on their central nervous system or CNS. It blocks the secretion of gonadotropin, improves sleep, and has direct impacts on the tumours in CNS (i.e., meningioma, fibroma). It also has a few effects on the immune system, kidney function, cardiovascular system, adipose tissue, and respiratory system. This is proven by the National Institutes of Health reports. 


In the case of men, the normal range of progesterone is less than 1ng/mL. In the case of non-menopausal women, this might range from 1 ng/mL to 90 ng/mL as it depends on the menstrual cycle stage or pregnancy. 


A few symptoms of low progesterone in males are: decrease in sex drive or libido, hair loss, increased weight, mental health issues like depression, development of breasts or gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, muscle/mass loss, bone loss, and impotence in some cases. 

There is a significantly higher risk of osteoporosis in men with low progesterone along with arthritis, prostate cancer, prostatism, obstruction of the bladder neck which happens because of enlargement in the prostate gland. Progesterone can have direct effects on the brain as well. 

Estrogen and progesterone are the sex steroidal hormones that travel in the blood and are made from cholesterol. 

Easily, they can cross through the cell membrane and the blood-brain barrier which lets particular molecules get into the brain. 

It acts as receptor targets once it is inside the CNS or the central nervous system. It might enhance or curtail protein and neurotransmitter levels. This action affects a few brain structures and functions (NIH states).

After reaching a certain age, progesterone and testosterone in men start to decline. The level and production of progesterone in men gets affected by diet, stress as well as fatigue. You must get your hormone levels tested if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above. Get your thyroid as well as nutrient levels tested. 

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