What to Expect with Varicose Vein Surgery

Varicose veins, typically found within the legs, are enlarged veins that you can see on the surface of the skin. Some of the symptoms of Varicose is the unpleasant appearance, pain, fatigue, swelling, restlessness, and a burning sensation. Varicose can invade your comfortable Salt Lake City lifestyle. It’s important to be aware of varicose, as it may indicate a vein disease, as most patients who have it tend to have malfunctioning valves. Surgeons have made recommendations that will help fight the formation of varicose veins. These recommendations are:

– Elevate your legs when sitting

– Avoid sitting with your legs crossed for extensive periods of time

– If overweight, try to lose weight (surgeons report that this condition is more common if overweight, there are a wide variety of activities available in the Salt Lake City area)

– You can also visit a surgeon to receive a consultation about a procedure to remove the varicose veins.

If you choose to visit with surgeons, here is what you can expect come surgery day. Typically, the patient will be awake during the operation, but surgeons with numb the area. Every office is different, however, so be sure to consult your Salt Lake City surgeons about their exact procedure. After your treatment, there will be some pain and bruising in the area your vein was treated in. Surgeons might suggest taking Tylenol or ibuprofen if it feels unbearable. Within 1-2 weeks, you should be able to resume your normal Salt Lake City lifestyle, although it is recommended to avoid lifting heavy weights and running. Surgeons still recommend you to be active to build up your strength and work out soreness.

Other reported pain has been a tight/pulling sensation where the varicose vein used to be. This is normal, and could last up to a month. These side effects will also be accompanied by swelling and inflammation, but surgeons say it can be combatted with reliable compression socks.

Although surgery is one way to combat this vein disease, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way. You may want to ask your doctor about Sclerotherapy, a non-surgical procedure that involves injecting medication into the problem area using special needles/syringes. This method occasionally requires an ultrasound to promise a precise injection. With this treatment, veins will dry up and disappear over a typical 6-8 week span. Be sure to do your research about what treatment best suits you.

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