What Precautions You Need To Observe During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a life-changing experience, and also equally daunting time. While you are overwhelmed with joy and celebrating the newest and tiniest addition to the family, you can be dead worried about the things which might be harmful to your baby. You will give everything a second thought, and worry if it is ok to do so. We get you right; here is a little contribution to what is to be ignored in pregnancy.

  • Alcohol – It is a big no, for you might consider having a pint of beer or a glass of wine to be fine. But the truth is, no one knows how much an amount is fine, and being on the safe side, it is better not to consume any.
  • Caffeine – A specific amount of 200-300 milligrams of coffee a day is considered to be okay for the baby, but it highly differs upon the way you like your coffee. We suggest you ignore it altogether, until and unless you are a coffee addict, upon which you must reduce your daily limit as suggested.
  • Food items – Raw or undercooked meats, processed meats, unpasteurized milk and cheese, and all related items should be ignored, as they have a high chance of being contaminated with bacteria or heavy metals.
  • Others –
  • Stay clear of litter boxes of pets, especially cats. You must not indulge in any kind of litter boxes cleanliness as there is a high chance of attracting infections of many kinds.
  • A set of medicines are not to be taken while being pregnant, consult your obstetrician in Kolkata before you consume any medication.
  • You need to steer clear of recreational drugs, as there are so many complications you will be prone to if you do take a couple or two recreational drugs.
  • Smoking is to be avoided at any cost, as you light a cigarette while being pregnant is lighting one for you little one too.
  • Also avoid artificial sweeteners, though some of them are okay to be consumed. Do your part of research before consuming any.
  • High impact exercises must also be avoided.

We have covered the major facets you need to stay cautious about. It is your responsibility to research all the other stuff if you have anything in your mind. It is time you need to enjoy, as you will feel a lot more lively and full of emotions. Enjoy your time worth a gazillion.

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