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What are the top 10 innovations in wearable health technology for monitoring and managing chronic conditions?

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal beliefs and biases. Thus, here are the top 10 innovations in wearable health technology for monitoring and managing chronic conditions.

1. Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) – These wearable devices measure glucose levels in real-time and display them on a mobile app.

2. Smartwatches – Smartwatches equipped with health monitoring features can track physical activity, heart rate, and sleep quality, providing real-time data to users and healthcare professionals.

3. Wearable Vital Sign Monitors – Non-invasive wearable vital sign monitors can allow constant monitoring of vital signs such as oxygen saturation or heart rate.

4. Telehealth kiosks – Wholly equipped kiosks allow people to connect with healthcare providers instantly, without needing to leave their homes.

5. Pregnancy wearable sensors – Wearable sensors can monitor a fetus’ movements, heartbeat, and other parameters throughout the pregnancy.

6. Asthma wearable sensors – Wearable asthma devices monitor the severity of a patient’s asthma symptoms, providing real-time data that can be used to adjust treatment regimes.

7. Parkinson’s wearable sensors – Wearable sensors designed for people with Parkinson’s can monitor tremors and gait, helping doctors to track disease progression and adjust medication formulas.

8. Pain Relief Tech Wearables – Wearable devices like TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) or neurostimulators can relieve chronic pain, improve mood, and quality of life.

9. Smart contact lenses – These devices can detect glucose levels, eye pressure, and other parameters, allowing for the early detection and treatment of eye conditions.

10. Epilepsy wearable monitors – Wearable monitors can track seizures and alert caregivers when they happen, so that medical treatment can be given immediately.

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