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What are the top 10 health and wellness apps for tracking and improving mental well-being through journaling and self-reflection?

1. Happify – This app offers evidence-based strategies for building emotional resilience and improving overall well-being through mindful journaling and reflection.

2. Headspace – Aimed at both mental and physical wellness, Headspace offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, and journaling prompts to help users manage stress and improve mental health.

3. Daylio – This app helps users track their mood and daily activities, offering insights into habits and patterns that impact mental health.

4. Calm – Offering guided meditation, sleep stories, and journaling prompts, Calm is designed to help users manage stress and improve mental well-being through regular self-reflection.

5. Moodfit – By tracking stress, mood, and sleep patterns, Moodfit offers personalized insights and recommendations for improving mental health through journaling and self-reflection.

6. InnerHour – Aimed at improving overall mental health, InnerHour offers evidence-based practices for stress management, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

7. Woebot – This app uses AI-powered chatbot technology to help users build self-awareness, practice self-care, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression through journaling and reflection.

8. Reflectly – Designed to help users develop a positive mindset, Reflectly offers daily prompts for journaling and reflection, as well as personalized insights and recommendations for improving mental health.

9. CBT Thought Diary – Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy principles, CBT Thought Diary offers a tool for tracking negative thoughts and emotions and developing healthier thought patterns through self-reflection and journaling.

10. 7Cups – In addition to providing access to trained listeners and therapists for emotional support, 7Cups offers journaling prompts and self-reflection tools for managing stress and improving mental well-being.

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