What Are Meth Mites And How To Treat Them?

You have to know that the use of methamphetamine might lead to many devastating effects on the health of an individual.

Most of the damage caused by them happens internally. But in some cases, they harm the skin of the person as well.

These types of injuries are often attributed to hallucinations in which the person believes that they have some insects which are crawling under their skin. It is referred to as Meth Mites or meth bugs.

Keep on reading the upcoming sections to know about the crank bugs. 

How Do They Look Like?

The meth mites’ appearance will vary, and it depends on certain factors, including the frequency of itching, the severity of the skin picking, presence of the infection, and lot more.

Meth sores can be ranging from small red dots to some severe scabs which have become infected. It might also look like cuts, scratch, rashes, and scars. It often looks like an acne mark. When the persons who are having meth users smoke, they might develop sores inside their lips. 

Here are some of the health impacts of the meth mites and they are as follows,

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhoea 
  • Redness around the infected area 
  • Swelling 

How to Treat Them?

One of the easiest ways to treat these sores is to take on a healthy lifestyle and prevent the infection. 

  • You have to clean the wounds with some disinfectants or with antiseptics and try to bandage them. 
  • You should avoid scratching the wounds, which will help the healing process quicker.
  • Prominent thing is you should completely stop the usage of meth immediately. You can also seek professional help. 

Adopt for a healthy lifestyle, and then you can feel the difference in your skin and on your overall health!!! 

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