Uric Acid Food List to Beat Gout

High uric acid needs to be reduced to prevent gout. A basic way to do this is by avoiding certain foods. Here you’ll discover a high uric acid foods list as well as an explanation of why these dietary changes can be effective…

Uric acid is produced as a result of purines in the body’s cells breaking down during the metabolizing process. But it’s important to note that purines also exist in our food.

Normally, the uric acid is processed by our liver before being passed through the kidneys which flush excess acid out of our bodies.

But when the body is producing too much for the kidneys to handle, or, the body isn’t excreting it fast enough, then you can end up with higher than normal uric acid levels in the blood, a condition called hyperuricemia.

Gout is caused by crystal formations around the joints caused by high acid levels in the bloodstream. So anyone who suffers from gout episodes needs to reduce those high levels to normal healthy levels in order to prevent recurring gout, which can cause permanent joint damage and kidney stones.

As you saw above, purines produce uric acid and they exist in our food as well as our bodies. So a sufferer needs to reduce the total amount of purines in their system. A fundamental way to do this is through changing to a low-purine diet.

You could refer to these foods as ‘uric acid foods’ since these, because they are purine-rich, produce more acid than low-purine foods.

So here’s a uric acid food list for you to consider. These are high-purine foods that you should think about avoiding completely or, at the very least, cutting down on considerably. But, if you do decide to change your diet in either of these ways, please remember to consult with your doctor / physician before doing so.

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