Top 5 Diesel Strains – A Complete Guide

Diesel is one of the most loved strains of weed. It is also a commonly consumed strain. The genetics of various diesel strains have high THC levels and act as stress relievers. But, diesel strains are a family of many strains. Most of the diesel family members are dominated by sativa.

From sour strains to diesel to sweet strains with minimum diesel features, the available options are vast. We are here with the list of the top 5 marijuana strains from the diesel family. This guide contains brief information about all these diesel marijuana strains like sour diesel autoflowering.

1) Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most consumed strains grown in the US. The strain contains a 60:40 ratio of sativa dominance. The strain provides an energetic and psychedelic high that enhances your performance for the whole day. The high is because of the 20% content of THC.

If you wish to grow sour diesel, feminized sour diesel seeds is an excellent option to start with. Auto-flowering seeds of sour diesel strain are also an easy growing option for beginner growers.

2) NYC Diesel

If you are not a fan of sour taste and would prefer something on the sweeter side, NYC diesel is a perfect strain. This strain will get you your sweet preference along with the high diesel content of THC. This strain comprises Afghani and Mexican strains.

With a little bit of hard work, the cultivation of NYC diesel is totally worth it. The plants are tall and take 10 weeks to get to their harvesting stage.

3) Chiesel

Chiesel is a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel. Chisel is savory in taste. The THC level of the chiesel strain is mostly above 20%, making it a non-ideal choice for new users. This strain brings in an intense high to help you relax.

In perfectly favorable conditions, the chiesel strain has high yields. Hence, some growers prefer cultivating chiesel.

4) Jack Diesel

The woody and floral notes of the strain make Jack Diesel one of the most loved Diesel family members. Jack Diesel is an offspring of NYC diesel. The average THC level in this strain is 22%. Intake of this strain gives an energetic high that keeps you active throughout the day. The strain has a 70:30 sativa dominance ratio.

These are medium-tall plants that are harvest-ready in 9 to 10 weeks.

5) Strawberry Sour Diesel

The strawberry sour diesel is a sativa dominant strain with a ratio of 75:25. The name itself tells us that this strain is a hybrid crossing of sour diesel and strawberry cough. Intake of this strain sends tingles throughout your body. Consuming this at the end of your day might give you an energetic high to enjoy the night life of your city.

Cultivation of strawberry sour diesel is way simpler than any of the strains mentioned above.

So, these are the top 5 sativa dominant family members of the diesel family. So, buy the seeds of your favorite seeds and cultivate them in your house.


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