Tips for Recovering from ACL Reconstruction Surgery

The first couple of weeks following ACL reconstruction surgery in Saratoga Springs are the most crucial for long-term outcomes. With all sorts of knee reconstruction surgeries, getting off to a fantastic start may take months off the recovery period. Equally, getting off to a slow start may add weeks to the restoration.

Here are the most important things Saratoga Springs doctors recommend in the first weeks of your ACL surgery rehab:


High amounts of pain from your ACL surgery will block you from performing the essential exercises. Your Saratoga Springs doctor may recommend taking simple painkillers frequently and adding more powerful narcotic painkillers as necessary.


Swelling is a part of the inflammatory reaction caused by the trauma of the ACL surgery. It induces joint stiffness, and also the muscles stop working. To treat swelling, rest, ice, compress, and elevate.

Wear a compression sleeve onto the knee for so long as the swelling stays. The swelling might remain weeks after your ACL surgery.

There’s not any such thing as too much ice in the first phases after ACL surgery. Three to four 15-minute sessions per day is desired.


Reaching a straight knee (known as expansion ) is the most significant thing after the ACL reconstruction surgery. But to get it out completely straight, you’ll have to have your pain in check and decrease the swelling. Do an expansion stretch workout throughout the day.

If you’re lying down or seated, have the leg out straight with the heels propped on a cushion to directly push the knee. Bear in mind that stretching exercises are a minimal load, long term.

A knee that doesn’t completely straighten induces a permanent limp.

To rate your improvement from week to week, lie flat on the mattress and endeavor to set a hand below your knee. By the end of the week, there must not be sufficient space to slip your hands readily between the back of your knee and the mattress. The knee should be completely straight at the end of the week at the latest.


Difficulty with knee bending (or flexion) is not as common after the ACL reconstruction surgery. It’s quite secure to flex the knee, and the physiotherapist will have you on the CPM machine day one after your procedure. Begin with the fall and dangle exercise within your rehab program in Saratoga Springs.

5. DON’T Neglect the KNEECAP

Kneecap pain (patellofemoral pain) is the scourge of all ACL rehabilitation. On occasion, the kneecap is ruined together with the initial harm. Many Saratoga Springs doctors recommend slide stretches and massage as a great way to help the kneecap. In the case of kneecap tightness, using a roller can be great!


The quadriceps muscles would be the largest muscle group in the human entire body and the first to begin wasting away after ACL surgery in Saratoga Springs. As a guideline, one week of quads wasting takes six weeks of rehab to undo. Get cracking on these quads straight from day one. The very best early exercise is straight leg increasing, and there’s no upper limit on the number of straight leg raises you can do every day.


As straightforward as it looks, returning to full weight-bearing after a week on crutches is a vital milestone after your ACL surgery. It’s crucial to use the crutches and partial weight you endure for your first week. But past that, the muscular deterioration will happen quickly if you keep on crutches. Every step you take contracts the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and begins restoring normal neuromuscular function.

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