Three shocking reasons why women tend to have a fake pregnancy

For every women getting pregnant is the beginning of the new and completely strange phase of their life. Some women enjoy this phase while others are not able to face hassle, which makes them disappointed. But it has been noticed that in today’s world, a lot of women are faking pregnancy due to several reasons. They are considering the use of fake pregnant belies and other items which can indicate their pregnancy. This has been noticed in the different parts of the world.

A survey was conducted to analyze the reason why women are faking a pregnancy ad it was concluded there are an endless number of reasons, and some of them are very silly about by they are doing so. If you want to get an idea about those reasons, then you are suggested to have attention to these points. They will give you knowledge about these general reasons mentioned by those women.

For getting seat while traveling on public transport

 This is the most claimed reasons why the women who were faking pregnancy in their regular routine. They claimed that they have to travel long to reach their office and the only option available with them to travel if public transport. But it is not possible for them to get a vacant set in the transport, so they thought of faking the pregnancy. People often get polite and show sympathy to women carrying a baby in their womb, and by this, they were easily able to get a seat on the bus or train. They even reviewed that they faked a pregnancy at the different places for a long time period because they were getting great outcomes through it.

Eating food of your choice

In the normal time, there is hardly any woman on the earth who is not judge or commented on the foot yep of food they eat. They are not able to eat their favorite food in heir routine. But by faking a pregnancy, there was no chance of anyone accusing them to avoid any kind of food. They good a freedom to try the different food of their choice, and this was the best thing that happened to them by faking pregnancy. Even you should not have to worry about not getting anything as the people will serve you the best for you, and you will definitely enjoy that meal.

To receive presents.

This reason mentioned by them will be the silliest of its kind. Yes, some of the women claimed the reason for faking pregnancy was getting an opportunity of receiving a huge number of presents. In western culture, the pregnant lady is given different types of presets from time to time to show love and affection. They mentioned that the presents received by them were beyond their expectations and this was the best method to get a good number of presents without any kind of special occasion. Without facing any illness or pain, it was a great opportunity to get presents.

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