The Right Variety of Tantric Massage

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You should know that Tantrism is a practice where the concept of duality does not exist.In tantra,  it is said that everything is the result of the union between a female creative principle (the goddess Shakti) and a male fertilizing principle (the god Shiva) which means that opposites unite, merge (masculine and feminine, Ying and Yang, spirit and matter) to form a whole and allow to reach sacred ecstasy.

The practice of this discipline brings well-being at different levels (as much as regards the spiritual and psychic aspects as for the sexual, physical and relational aspects). And although it is difficult to list all these benefits, we can still say of this practice that it allows:

  • The awakening of the senses,
  • A shared communion,
  • Better circulation of energies,
  • The elevation of consciousness,
  • A state of relaxation (mental, physical and emotional),
  • The development of the relationship with oneself and with the other,
  • Restore bodily communication,
  • To reaffirm his love, his sensuality,
  • To experience another form of pleasure,
  • To stimulate the body as a whole,
  • To know the abandonment, the dissolution of the ego,
  • To become aware of non-duality,

How does a tantric massage session take place?

A tantra session is unique, personal and unique. There is no blueprint or codes in a session, but we can tell you in broad outline what to expect.tantric massage can be practiced individually, as a couple, during a course dedicated to this discipline or during a particular session with a therapist.First of all, you must define your expectations with regard to this session as well as the limits, the therapist will help you.You should know that Tantrism is a discipline that can be practiced entirely naked.Respect is of course the watchword of this discipline.Meditation and breathing are first used during a session.

  • These procedures will allow you to get rid of daily stress and prepare you to enjoy the rest of the session with more serenity.
  • Once this step is completed, you will then be led to lie down on a futon on the floor. This is when the tantric massage, using organic oils, begins.

Slowly and gently you will be massaged, caressed, cuddled. Every inch of your skin will be explored. Let yourself go and let yourself be overwhelmed by your sensations.

Identify bad practices

A tantric massage that you receive in a professional setting must include certain quality criteria. Tantric Massages courses are offered in one-day sessions or over several days. It is not essential to come as a couple to participate. Under the pretext of letting go, we should not accept everything. A good practitioner develops a quality of presence and clarity as to his intentions. There is no sexual connotation in this massage. If you don’t feel respected, trust your feelings, and set your limits.

Some tips to put tantric massage into practice

Before making a tantric massage, certain steps must be taken:

  • Getting to get rid of your day, to disconnect.
  • You can for example take a shower to relax.
  • You can spend time together, in silence. Before embarking on massage, prepare this time together.
  • Create favorable conditions: an aromatic candle, music you love, cushions, massage oil.

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