The Finest Arrangements for the People with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities and sick people who have significant limitations in self-care and the ability to move independently, in everyday life encounter difficulties that cannot be imagined by a healthy person.

For people who, due to different life circumstances, were bedridden or in a wheelchair, all kinds of care products have been developed. The Star and Mlad store presents a wide variety of rehabilitation remedies for the disabled, with which you can greatly facilitate care and make life more comfortable for people who find themselves in a difficult life situation and have limited health capabilities. In case of byta assistansbolag you will have the best choices now.

What features for caring for a disabled person will be a revelation for you:

No need to show pity, give the person the opportunity to prove themselves, engage in daily chores.

Beauty will save the situation: everyone wants to look tidy and attractive, despite the ailment. Encourage the patient’s desire to decorate himself. It is useful for women to apply makeup as a positive therapy, to decorate the daily image with a bright scarf. It is important for men to be clean-shaven, to use cologne at will. Simple pleasures can heal no worse than proven scientific methods.

The visit of a hairdresser and a manicurist to your home is not expensive, but always causes positive emotions.

More joking, the atmosphere of high spirits favors recovery.

Clear amenities for people with disabilities:

  • The objects
  • Requirements and value


Bright, it is better to have a bed near the window.Wallpaper is light, but not white: the design of the walls should not be unnerving, warm pastel colors are preferred.


Position the furniture so that there is maximum access to the patient from all sides: this is convenient for hygienic procedures.


Daily wet cleaning, clean bedding, underwear. An opportunity to change clothes as soon as needed.Warm water, batteries.

Always available

First aid items, telephone, glass or bottle of water, wet and dry wipes.

Need to buy

  • A wash basin, a bedside table for a meal in a supine position, the patient’s favorite food.
  • Participate in the life of the ward, communicate with him not downward, but on the same level as with a healthy person, this is important for peace of mind. In all cases, helpers for caring for the disabled will help – salvation in difficult situations.

Care and hygiene products

These funds are intended primarily for bedridden patients in the postoperative period and bedridden disabled people. To maintain cleanliness, prevent diaper rash and pressure sores, diapers and absorbent diapers, as well as a variety of gels, creams and other skin care products for intimate areas, are used. For the adoption of water procedures by bedridden patients, an inflatable bathtub and an inflatable device for washing the head are intended.

To maintain cleanliness of the body are also gloves and wipes with special impregnation. Depending on the specific circumstances, urine and colostomy can be used. Maintaining the patient’s body in comfortable cleanliness has a beneficial effect on his psychological state and contributes to the rehabilitation process. All patient care products are made of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic materials and are intended for use both in medical institutions and in caring for the disabled and sick at home.

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