The basics about Strawberry Cough feminized marijuana seeds 

As the name itself suggests, strawberry cough marijuana works to provide medical and recreational relief. It is said to provide a hassle-free, easy and smooth experience that is gentle. The effects are in your control and not the other way around. 

But to get the type of relief and outcomes that you seek, get the seeds from a reputable seller. With the right cannabis in your hand, you can cultivate strawberry cough in and enjoy a stock available to you, pure and fresh. 

About the growth facts of Strawberry Cough cannabis 

When you plant a strawberry cough seed, you will need lots of sunlight for them to grow. A greenhouse is an ideal setting for you to grow your strawberry cough cannabis strain. 

This Sativa- dominant strain grows bets in the indoor climate. This way, you get disease –resistant healthy plants as you can control the factors. The plant that you get is free from mildew and pests. 

The plants you cultivate from strawberry cough marijuana need the flowers or buds to appear beautiful, gorgeous with an array of colors that look good together. 

The sugar flowers carry hues of purple, neon green, and vibrant yellow with orange pistil highlights on the bud side. 

The leaves are sugar leaves, which wrap in trichomes that sport a crystal-like icy look.  

Growing figures of Strawberry Cough seeds 

Gender Feminized

Indoor yield 1.3 ounces or 400 g/sq. meter 

Outdoor yield 14 ounces or 400 g/ sq. meter 

Flowering time 65 to 70 days 

The flowering details of strawberry cough cannabis 

This strain is easy to grow. Growers, experienced or beginners, face no difficulties while growing it. Besides, the maintenance and upkeep part of this plant is also not a big worry. 

It’s a bushy plant that does not require any support. Ventilation and little trimming can see healthy growth. 

Strawberry Cough seed can grow well in any condition, indoor or outdoor. A suitable climate is what works in favor. As mentioned earlier, it needs dry sunshine in abundance. You can keep a warm temperature indoors after the sun sets to ensure healthy growth. 

In the outdoor scenario, the plant needs enough sunlight. This strain grows with short stature and medium height than other sativa sisters. Mid-October is the right time to harvest this strain. 

The Component break –up of Strawberry Cough cannabis 

This marijuana is a cross between sativa- dominant Swiss Erdbeer and an unknown Indica strain with American roots. 

Let’s look at what ingredients go into the making of this sativa 

Sativa 75% 

Indica 25% 

THC 19 TO 23 % 

CBD less than 2%

Flavor, effect, and aroma of strawberry cough 

Flavor – true to its name, the taste has sweet berries and strawberry undertones. 

Effect- this strain gives euphoric, creative, and soothing benefits. It provides relief for many medical marijuana users. 

Aroma- fruity with Skunk tones 


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