The 4 Main Stages Of Cardiac Treatment Or Care

Life comes only once and a healthy lifestyle can extend more years to enjoy on this planet. You can visit website related to any cardiac treatment to know the complete details about cardiac care.

The 4 main stages of cardiac treatment and care are as follows:

  1. The Most Sensitive Stage Of Cardiac Rehabilitation

In this stage, the care therapists work in coordination with your doctors and cardiologists to help you gain your mobile life back. In case you have gone through an open heart surgery, these therapists work with you in the intensive care units. There is a series of questions related to your heart condition asked by these specialists. They might even take you through a couple of tests such as blood pressure check, EKG, heart rate check, oxygen flow and strength and movement check.

  1. The Outpatient Treatment And Care Stage

In this stage, your body is continuously supervised on how it responds to a couple of exercise movements. You can monitor your own heart rate while exercising. This program continues for about three to six weeks where your body is constantly monitored. This stage leads you to a more independent stage of activity where you are just on your own taking slow and steady steps to regularize your daily body movements.

  1. Increased Independence Stage

Take some time out to visit website on heart care and disease prevention. These sites have details about how to become more and more independent after you have had an open heart surgery. You can get enrolled in any one of the rehabilitation centers of your choice and start working upon your total body movements. More independence means more freedom to do things of your choice your way. It is strictly recommended that you consult your cardiologist or doctors to move ahead with any such plan.

  1. Ongoing Maintenance Stage

This is a total independence stage where you can monitor your own risks and health status. You have to overcome certain challenges on your own with the help of few physical activities. You will need to set your own principles of life to follow to sustain good heart health.

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