Take Extra Care of Your Feet If You Suffer From Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, you have to be extra careful about walking and jogging. You can easily injure the nerves in your feet – a condition called diabetic neuropathy. This neural condition can lead to some serious conditions – even to amputation. Therefore, you need to take extra care of your feet if you are diabetic.

See a Specialist First

You can get the care you need in Bangkok by seeing a specialist who handles these types of cases. He or she can direct you to the treatments best suited for your condition. You can also get tips on exercise, and what to wear when you are working out. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Exercise

Many people who suffer from neuropathy are scared to exercise because they don’t want to damage a nerve. However, they do need to exercise to control their glucose levels and to keep themselves from becoming obese. You will only worsen your diabetic condition if you avoid exercising because of your condition. After a while, this type of attitude can result in a feeling where you don’t feel like you have any control.

Getting Some Key Tips

To get on track and stay focused on staying healthy, you need to talk to a doctor about a diabetic foot treatment in Bangkok. He or she can give you tips on keeping your toes, feet, and legs in better shape for exercise, especially walking or jogging. Many people in Bangkok like to hike and bike. Therefore, diabetics often feel they have to avoid these activities. 

They may feel depressed, as they feel like they are left out of a lot of events or exercise activities. However, you can focus on exercise that is not as high impact. While you may want to jog or walk, you can also exercise and produce less stress by swimming or cycling. If you want to jog, make sure you wear cushioned and soft socks. Be very kind to your feet and they will return the favor.

Enjoy Water Activities

If you like the water, you are in luck, as Bangkok features a lot of places where you can swim or enjoy a water sport – an activity where you are not pounding down on your feet and affecting the nerves. If you can develop an exercise plan along these lines, so much the better. Your doctor can show you what exercises are more appropriate for your condition. 

Just because you have diabetes does not mean you have to forego exercise. It just means you need to be more careful about what you choose to do. You also have to be more mindful about what you wear in terms of socks and shoes.

Develop a Treatment Plan

You can get rid of any fears when you work with your doctor and develop an exercise and treatment program that will help you slim down and maintain a healthier glucose level. The best way to attack this condition is to choose those exercises or activities that do not place as much stress on the legs or feet, or by taking up activities that are less jarring.

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