Take Charge of our Great Responsibility in the Society

One of the important industries in our society is health. It has a major role in our living and existence. As we know, health is our utmost major concern in our everyday lives. Aside from working for a living, we give priority to our health. Because we know its deep importance, if we do not take care of it, surely it will be the end for us sooner in life. When our body creates a signal to our mind that there is something wrong within us, we right away consult it with a professional in the field of medicine.

The place we go when we feel sick or uneasy is the hospital. Whenever there are emergencies that need immediate treatment, the hospital is the number one answer to it. It is where people go to be checked, diagnosed, and treated on their various health concerns. It just shows here how big the role of the hospitals is. They have a great responsibility in the society that they are taking charge of every day. It is a commitment that they have promised since they decided to enter this kind of industry.

A hospital is an institution that promotes health, prevents diseases, diagnoses and treats illnesses, and place for rehabilitation. When we look at their responsibility in society, we will realize how hard it is for them to provide the care that the patients need. Besides, they have a big responsibility in the environment too. As we know, every day, many people are coming in and out of this facility. They have various reasons, and each of them surely has a concern about their health. That is why many wastes are being collected every day in each hospital all over the world. Each of these wastes has different categories. In this way, they can manage infection control within the hospital and to the environment.

One way that is being regulated already in every hospital is the implementation of color coding of medical waste bags. It is one of the most effective approaches for the proper handling of hospital waste management. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself was recommended this color coding scheme, namely as:

  • Black – This color indicates that it is for the non-infectious and non-hazardous materials and things.
  • Brown – This color indicates that it is for chemical or pharmaceutical.
  • Yellow – This color indicates infectious wastes, pathological waste, and sharps. That is why it can be either plastic bags or rigid boxes.

This color coding scheme of handling medical wastes is one way of the hospital in infection control, especially nowadays. It will not just be for the medical professionals but, of course, for the ordinary people who are entering into this kind of medical facility. It doesn’t just protect everyone but a responsibility that we should take charge of every day. 

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