Sort of diet to follow in post gastric sleeve

diet to follow in post gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery in Maryland is a weight loss treatment that is meant for patients who want to reduce weight. The life after the gastric sleeve can be either thrilling ortraumatic. It all depends on the instructions provided to you.

Before the surgery, the surgeon gives the patient a list of food items that are needed to be added to the diet for recovery and the best outcomes. Sticking on a healthy diet would help the patient in acquiring better immunity too. The patient should be aware of what do you eat after gastric sleeve surgery.

Diet after gastric sleeve surgery

  1. Clear liquids in the first week

When you come back home from the hospital, you must start having clear fluids from day one. You might have to take the clear fluids for about a week as per the doctor’s suggestion. Do not use things like straw or bottle for drinking. Try to sip the drinks slowly. Whenever you feel full, stop drinking. Around 48 ounces of fluids should be consumed by you. Always check the number of drinks and not let yourself dehydrated during the post gastric sleeve surgery period. Few clear liquids are water, sugar-free drinks, ice, flavoured water, unsweetened tea, apple juice, cranberry juice, etc. Including clear liquids is considered as the initial step of the postoperative diet.

  1. Two weeks after the operation

After two weeks, you can add items like smooth foods and thicker drinks. This is the second step of the post-surgery diet. Before moving to the next step, take suggestions from your surgeon. You can add drinks such as Greek yogurt, protein shakes, apple sauce, vegetable juice, and lactose-free milk products. Have the drinks slowly and stop when you sense a full tummy. Vitamins are quite beneficial to have after gastric sleeve surgery in Maryland.

Some general instructions for revitalization

  1. It is vital to chew the food accurately during the postoperative phase.
  2. Protein should be given more priority.
  3. Try to have three meals everyday.
  4. You must consume more and more fluids.
  5. You should take 20 to 30 minutes to eat a meal.
  6. Alcohol should not be consumed in this condition.
  7. Go for supplements if the doctor suggests them.

Final verdict

Seriously, it is tough to manage and maintain the diet after gastric sleeve. For having a successful post-surgery diet plan, prefer the assistance of an expert or trainer.