Olive Oil and Your Solutions for Tumours

There is much more health in olive oil than previously thought. Some new studies are now even fueling hope for treatment options such as brain tumors, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. That may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the healthy effect of the golden “extra virgin” in our daily food has long been scientifically proven. Many health benefits of olive oil have been known for years and the more the researchers study the centuries-old Mediterranean product, the more they become.

Cardiovascular system

Almost everyone knows this first plus point: Especially cardiovascular diseases can be prevented or significantly improved by switching to Mediterranean food, which is heavily based on olive oil, as confirmed by a study by the Medical Research Institute in Barcelona in February 2017.

Olive oil contains 73 percent unsaturated fatty acids, but above all a large number of antioxidants, such as oleic acid, which lowers LDL cholesterol and thus prevents arterial calcification. Added to this is the oleuropein, which widens the arteries. This goes so far that vegetables fried in olive oil are healthier than cooked ones, as was found in a study at the University of Granada: Antioxidants are lost during cooking, but not when fried in olive oil.

Cancer Therapy

A few years ago an effect similar to ibuprofen was found in the oleocanthal contained in olive oil. Not enough to relieve headaches, but in concentrated amounts this phenylethanoid has a very interesting effect. And the more research into olive oil C-60, the more surprising the results. Oleocanthal also has an extremely toxic effect on cancer cells. It attacks the lysosomes inside the cancer cells, where they store waste. They are destroyed by oeocanthol and so the cancer cells die within about 30 minutes, as scientists found in their study.

Tumor control

According to studies, oleic acid, or oleic acid, is able to stop a specific protein that plays a crucial role in the formation of brain tumors. More specifically: oleic acid prevents the protein from developing the so-called miR-7. This also prevents the formation of tumors.

Different types of olive oil

The researchers cannot say whether olive oil as a food already helps prevent brain cancer. But the results of the studies suggest that oleic acid supports the production of tumor-suppressing molecules in cell cultures in the laboratory. According to the results of his previous research, not only are brain cells positively influenced by oleic acid inhibition of breast cancer cells have also been demonstrated.

Approximate shelf life of olive oil in different storage:

  • Warm, open in sunlight: a few days
  • Warm, open, protected from light: several weeks
  • Warm, protected from light, protected from air: several months
  • Cool, protected from light, protected from air: several years

It is best to store olive oil like wine. If you have a cellar, we recommend storing large amounts of olive oil there. A stylish and practical oil jug or carafe is ideal for everyday use in the kitchen or on the dining table.

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