Medicare advantage and 3 big changes for 2021

The year’s changing and so are the medicare plans for the upcoming year 2021. The medicare advantage plan is in the stack of the original medicare plan. It is on competitive terms with the medicare supplement plans. Talking of it, the medicare supplement plan for 2021 has not seen many changes yet, except there will be a rate hike. The plans are designed the same, but it is the company and the zip code decides the price of the plan. The best-sold medicare supplement plan for 2021 is predicted to be Plan G and Plan N.

Plan F ran out of fashion in Jan 2020. But it is still in use among the insured with regular premium and no extra cost. For those who want to save some money by changing it to Plan G or N.

Medicare advantage change-2021

Coming back to the medicare advantage plan, there are 3 big announcements regarding the changes done for the year 2021.

  1. Telehealth services- The year 2020, has seen some pretty drastic changes which have seen changes. For safety and security reasons it is not safe, especially for senior people to come out of their homes. So, the medicare advantage will start the telehealth services for the senior citizens and the doctors for an online check. It is easy, with the help of video conferencing and small health machines at home. The results are sent to the respected medical professional for an evaluation. The services are for particular medical sectors like gynecology, primary care, dermatology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and cardiology.
  2. The long-term coverage- The medicare advantage has similar services to Part A and Part B, which also includes in-home care services in severe situations. The year 2021, will see more benefits for in-house care services-
  • Adult care- It is too give the seniors the right social environment. It will help them to be happy and exercise just right as per their age.
  • In-home personal care services- This gives them the assistance they need for everyday basic necessities like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, having a meal, etc.
  • Over the top benefits- It gives allowance, monthly or quarterly for daily supplements, allergy, cold, etc.
  • Home-modifications- If the insured needs, there can be safety tools installed that would move within the house easier.
  • Meal and transportation- The medicare advantage will now start with services to take meals to the insured or transport from home to doctor or any other place required. This will make the daily chores a little more convenient.
  1. A better option for ESRD- The full form of ESRD is End-stage renal disease. The medicare advantage plan will now let patients with ESRD enroll with better options. This means the cost of a kidney transplant will be covered by the medicare advantage plan starting 2021. There are both pros and cons to this plan which needs to be discussed before ahead with it.

To change to medicare advantage plan or for a change in medicare advantage plan, the open enrollment period and the annual enrollment period is nearing. Kindly register and see the change.

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