Importance of Gut Microbiome for health

Your body is flooded with millions of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. All they are collectively called ad microbiome. Some of them are associated with the disease while others are highly significant for the immune system, weight, cardiovascular health, and other aspects of health and wellness.

Here, the article sheds light on the concept of gut microbiome and why it is vital for health. Let us begin with the same below. Know how it deals with depression, stress, anxiety, and some other diseases like diabetes, immunity, and so on. 

What is Gut Microbiome? 

All the bacteria, viruses, fungi as well as other microscopic living things are called microorganisms, or in short, microbes. Millions of these microbes exist on your skin and inside the intestines. The majority of the microorganisms in the intestine are found in a pocket of the large intestine that is called the cecum and they are also known to as the gut microbiome. 

Even though various kinds of microbes live inside you, the most studied are the bacteria. The bacterial cells in your body are more than the human cells. Roughly, there are forty-five bacterial cells in the body, and only around thirty trillion human cells. That refers to you are more bacteria than that of humans. 

What is more, there are more than thousands of species of bacteria in the gut microbiome of a human and each plays an important role in the brain. Most are extremely significant for health whereas others may cause disease. 

Even the weight of all these microbes maybe around two to five pounds, which are approximately the weight of the human brain. Altogether, they act as an extra organ in the body and show a vital role in health and nutrition

How it affects the body?

Human beings are evolved to live with microbes from the last million years. During the period, microorganisms have learned to play a very important role in the body. With the gut microbiome, it would be so tough to survive. The gut microbiome starts affecting your body until the time that you were born. The first time when a person is exposed to such bacteria is while passing through the birth canal of the mother. On the flip side, it has also observed that babies come in content with some microbes while they are inside the womb. It is important to get the tests performed. You can browse sites like to know about the tests.

As you grow up, the gut microbiome starts to diversify and it means that it begins to contain various kinds of microbial species. Higher diversity of the microorganisms is regarded as good for the health. Surprisingly, eaten food also affects the diversity of gut bacteria. As the microbes grow, it will affect the body in an ample number of ways that include the following: 

  • Bifidobacteria will grow inside the baby’s intestine and digest the healthy sugars within the breast milk that are significant. 
  • Some digest fiber generating fatty acids (short-chain) which are vital for guthealth. Fiber may help you to protect diabetes, cancer risk, heart disease, and weight gain. 
  • It is helpful to control brain health and also affects the nervous system that keeps control over brain functioning. 

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