How To Cultivate Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

You have tons of things to take care of when you decide to grow cannabis for commercial production. 

Choosing the seeds is one such vital task that can make or break your weed growing process. 

Nowadays, most growers prefer auto-flowering cannabis seeds for their cannabis cultivation, as the results are always satisfying and desirable. 

If you are working with auto-flowering seeds, then this guide is just for you. Here, we will enlighten you with the tips to cultivate auto-flowering cannabis seeds in the most precise and efficient way. 

Introducing the auto-flowering seeds

Auto-flowering seeds may seem similar to cultivating like the photoperiod seeds, but there are certain aspects and circumstances to keep in mind. If you want the maximum capacity of your auto-flowering cannabis growth, you must check for these tips and follow them in the cultivating stages.

You can get your seeds from the various leading cannabis seed suppliers in the market like and get started with your optimal cultivation process. You can start with the germination of the seeds and proceed till the end of harvest with the help of the tips as discussed below. 

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds: The Germination Stage

A key aspect of auto-flowering cannabis seeds is to germinate them in the same container where you will finish their entire growth cycle. This helps the plants to encounter minimal stress and ensure optimal healthy growth. 

The fewer changes you make with your auto-flowering seeds, the fewer possibilities of stressing the cannabis plants. As they have a short period of the growth cycle, this factor will help in the best growth.   

Tips To Cultivate Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

With the help of good-quality cannabis seeds, you can aim for the best quality harvest for your cannabis plants. Additionally, the proper cultivation of auto-flowering seeds is the foundation for your desired harvest. 

So, check for these tips to cultivate your cannabis seeds in the best way possible. 


Tip 1: Acquiring The Right Growing Container

First off, you have to look for the right size of grow container for your auto-flowering cannabis at first. 

Based on our experience, we personally recommend you to use a 20-liter container for the complete growth cycle of the auto-flowering cannabis seeds. It is the ideal size to grow your auto-flowering cannabis, as a much larger pot will not contribute to any higher yields. 


Tip 2: Using The Right Growing Medium

At this stage, the container is out of the way. You can now come to the second tip. Now, you can proceed to choose the growing medium. In my advice, it is best to use a soilless mix branded for your auto-flowering cannabis seeds. 

This type of light mix soil is low in its additive nutrient quantity and maintains the best-aerated substrate for the plants to thrive efficiently. 

Tip-3-Watering-The-Plants-With-Right-pH-BalanceTip 3: Watering The Plants With Right pH Balance

The third tip is to focus on the watering of your cannabis plants. After filling the container with light soil mixes, you have to use plain water for dampening it without making it entirely saturated. 

Also, you have to use water with a balanced ph level between 6.5 and 7. I advise you to allow the container with soil to stay moist for 6 hours or more. This will ensure the settling of all air pockets in the container. 

Tip 4: Planting The Auto-flowering Seeds Carefully

So, is your mix settled by now? If yes, then it’s time for you to press a small hole in the middle of the container. Ensure to make the hole about 1cm deep and not more. 

Your wait to put the seed on the soil is finally over. Place the auto-flowering cannabis seed in the hole and brush the soil over the top. Ensure to cover it so that no light can touch the seed inside.  


Tip 5: Covering The Container With Plastic

Here, you have to take a plastic wrap and cover it on the top of the container. This will act as a humidity dome for your seed. 


Tip 6: Pick The Right Light Cycle And Stick To It

So have you covered the container with plastic wrap? If yes, then move your container into the grow space with an abundant light source for 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 

You will get different information about the light cycle for auto-flowering seeds, but if you ask for the best advice, we recommend 18-6 hours of the light cycle for you as it works in almost every variety of auto-flowering cannabis seed. 

If you pick out the proper light cycle and stick to it, you will avoid unnecessary stress on your plants. This will, in turn, help your plants to grow healthily and rapidly. 

At this stage, you must be doubtful about the growth rate. We would advise you not to worry as we have experienced better growth rates and dense and potent buds from auto-flowering seeds that followed the light cycle of 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. 

However, you will find that some unique strains grow best under 24 hours of light a day. But I would prefer you to give at least 4-6 hours of rest from light to improve your seeds’ overall health and growth. 

You may ask then, “why to choose an 18-6 light cycle instead of a 20-4 one?” The answer to this is because 18 hours of light helps plants consume less energy without affecting their efficiency in growth. 


Tip 7: Removing The Plastic After Casing

You may notice your auto-flowering cannabis seed open up entirely while shedding its seed casing. In this case, you can consider it the time to remove the plastic wrap from the container’s top. 


Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds: The Vegetative Stage

After germination, your seeds must have sprouted into healthy seedlings. Now, you have to focus on the vegetative phase of your cannabis plant’s growth cycle. As you have already watered the ‘grow medium’ for initial moistening, you won’t need to water them for the next seven days or more.  

After seven days, you can simply lift the container to check its weight and determine its moisture content. If you witness any noticeable change in the container’s weight compared to before, you will have to water it again.

If watering in the vegetative stage, it is best to use plain water again for the next 12-14 days. This will help the plants to avoid nutrient burn and utilize the nutrients in the soil mix efficiently.  


Tip 8: Using The Right Quantity Of Nutrients

After the 14 days of the vegetative phase, you have to start using light growth nutrients for your auto-flowering cannabis plants. 

If you want to ensure the optimal safe usage of nutrients, then take my advice and use half the nutrients than what is suggested by the product’s manufacturer.

If you witness any degradation in the health of your cannabis plants, you must lower the amount of nutrient solution for its feeding. If the plant shows consistent signs of improvement in its growth and health, you can continue using our recommended dosage of nutrients for the next two weeks.

After 3-4 weeks, you have to prepare to switch the nutritional feeding quantity according to the requirement of the flowering stage.   


Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds: The Flowering Stage

After three weeks, you will notice the development of flowers or buds in your auto-flowering cannabis plants. However, the time to develop buds depends on the variety of strains you’re working with. You will witness the most rapid and exceptional development and growth of your cannabis plant in this stage. 

Depending on the type of strain you’re using for cultivation, your auto-flowering cannabis will take a couple of weeks to become double the size it is now. 

One important note – don’t increase the number of nutrients to feed the plant unless there’s any sign of deficiency. Most cannabis plants in the flowering stage need less amount of macronutrients and a bit more micronutrients.


Tip 9: Cutting Down The Amount Of Nutrient Supply

You may have understood by now that the auto-flowering cannabis seeds’ growth rate varies from strain to strains. However, most of them become ready for harvest within 65-75 days. 

I would advise you to reduce the nutrient supply for the plants to about 25% at around 55 days of your pants life cycle. This is because you will have to start the flushing process by the time close to harvest.  


Tip 10: Use Plain pH-Balanced Water

Wow! we have come this far, so let’s not mess it up now. You need to water your auto-flowering plants with basic pH-balanced water for the last ten days of their life cycle. This will ensure that all the remaining nutrients and chemicals get leached away from the plant’s root system for a clean, intact product. 


Tip 11: Harvest For Continuously Growing

At this point, you are left with the task to trim, dry, and cure the cannabis to get your ready-to-smoke buds by hand. You have to choose the best tools for trimming your buds precisely. 

Then, you have to hand them upside down for drying at a specific room temperature. Ensure to cure these buds on mason jars for about a week or two to get the best quality potent buds. 

Also, you have to buy some more auto-flowering cannabis seeds to continue this cycle again. As this type of seed doesn’t require any change in its lighting schedule, you can choose a consistent harvest strategy.

If you plan to plant auto-flowering cannabis seeds one month apart, you can ensure to harvest a plant each month. 


Start Growing 

So, get the best use of this guide and cultivate your auto-flowering cannabis seeds in the most convenient and best way possible. I sincerely hope this guide helps you!

Go, my friends, get your seeds and start growing. Happy Smoking!

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