How to achieve your higher self?

To dwell with negative feelings about yourself is quite similar to living with a very nasty roommate who passes snide comments about your faults. These faults could be both real and imagined. You might have put your best effort into accomplishing a task, but a tiny voice at the back of your head keeps telling you that you are not working hard enough and you are bound to be a big failure in the project that you are handling. How much you try to ignore the voice in your head, the words create an impact on you and you are stuck in the barrier of letdowns that your brain has created for you. The brain cannot create obstacles, logical people will observe, it is the mind that makes it hard to concentrate on our daily lives. But is it so?

The big question is what prevents you from reaching your higher self? Is it the mind or the brain? You might be surprised, but the answer is the brain. The brain is a 40,000-year-old body part that has been specially designed to keep you out of harm’s way. It is the survival technique of the brain to keep you out of trouble. And in this process, if the brain fails to find anything wrong in the world around you, then it starts to find fault with our way of life, thanks to which you fail to achieve your higher self. Therefore, to stay happy, all you need to do is to quieten your brain which is keen to find out your flaws and listen to your mind which is perfectly happy with your flawed self.

Here are some ways with which you can train yourself to listen to your mind and achieve greater heights 

  • Realize the perception of perfection differs from person to person. Your life does not have to be perfect according to the criteria which are built by other people. You have to make your life perfect in your way. You have to accept your flaws graciously and learn to recognize your skills. Learn not to be too harsh on yourself, forgive your faults, accept that you are unique and love the fact that there is no second you in the world.
  • Embrace your divinity. Believe that you were born beautiful. Believe that you were born divine. The whole world might not believe it, but as long as you believe that you are a divine creature of nature, you will enjoy your life, discover the purpose of your life and achieve your higher self. Do not beat yourself about the qualities that you do not have, accept your assets, your creative nature and you will be at peace with your inner self.
  • Learn to have control over your thoughts. It’s impossible that negative thoughts will never cross your mind, but it’s up to you whether you would respond to it or not. Thoughts are the result of the way the brain thinks and those who have reached the higher self in life will tell you from their own experience how they benefited from eliminating negative feelings and thoughts from their lives. Life is the harvest of the thoughts that you sow, and if you sow positive thoughts then your life will take a positive turn.
  • To achieve your higher self you need to learn to be happy and that is not possible if you are keeping grudges in your mind. Let go of all the incidents that have hurt you, if you had learned anything from that experience, keep the experience as an asset and learn to forgive and forget. Learn to be content and be in balance with all that you have in your life. To move ahead in life you need to stop worrying about the future, stop the past from bothering you and live in the future and live positively.


Follow your heart and come out of your comfort zone to follow your passion. Find a purpose in your life and pursue the purpose with determination. It is not by doing extraordinary things that you achieve greatness, it is the little things that you love to do in an extraordinary manner that makes you connect with your higher self. Understand that it is a wonderful opportunity to be born and fulfill your dreams and the moment you take the first step to realize it, you unfurl your wings to fly.

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