Highlights On Visual Therapy

What is visual therapy? Visual therapy is the optometric technique that improves the perception and processing of all the information we receive through the eyes.

What Is Visual Therapy For?

  • Myopia Control : Along with orthokeratology, special contact lenses that are used while sleeping, allowing you to see well throughout the day, and can control the growth of myopia. With visual hygiene therapy and techniques, visual efficiency is improved, so the system has less “need” for myopia. In some cases it is advisable to use a graduation of near different from that of far. Therefore, it is ideal for children whose genetic predisposition implies a continuous increase in myopia or those with myopia from a young age, which is expected to continue increasing.
  • Strabismus treatment : Despite the fact that, historically, the solution for these patients was the use of a patch, visual therapy tries to make the deviant eye resume its activity and that both eyes work in a coordinated and synchronized manner. When this is accomplished, the two eyes will be aligned and you will enjoy effective visual perception.
  • Treatment for learning problems : during the childhood stage, vision is key to the child’s learning and educational development. Although the minor has perfect acuity, the visual system does not always work correctly. Good visual efficiency, understanding and eye-brain synchronization will allow the child to be more likely to successfully complete his studies.
  • Lazy eye or amblyopia treatment : as with strabismus, in most cases therapy treatment – also in the adult stage – allows the user to reuse and take advantage of the vision of their eye and which is more important: that both eyes work simultaneously, which is basic so that there are no relapses. Through individualized exercises, the visual acuity and efficiency of the lazy or amblyopic eye can be recovered.
  • Treatment for computer visual syndrome (SVI) : every day we spend many hours in front of the computer, although our visual system was not initially designed for it. There are visual systems to which the hours in front of the screen generate a lot of stress and discomfort. For this, with the use of personalized occupational glasses and / or by means of a therapy treatment, it is possible to improve and create a comfortable situation during the working day.
  • Reflex integration therapy : human beings develop in our first years of life a series of primitive reflexes that must work properly in order to have a good foundation for development in general and in particular for the visual system to be efficient. When there is a failure, which usually generates learning, perception, self-esteem, concentration problems, etc. In these cases, therapy can restore reflex integration and normal system function. Do you need the best eye care service? Click on http://kraffeye.com/ to learn more.

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