Frequently asked questions about CBD answered

What is meant by CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. It is one of the 113 cannabinoids that are present in Cannabis plants. Most of the time, CBD will be extracted from Hemp and Marijuana. You can take CBD for various health benefits along with psychoactive stimulation properties of it. CBD is not legal in all countries, and you could not buy it if your country has regulations against the usage. 

What are the forms of CBD intake?

One can take CBD into his body in many forms, such as vapor, smoke, aerosol spray, orally having edibles, oils, and much more. You can take CBD in almost all ways possible for ingestion. Every method of intake will have its effects, processes, and benefits. It is necessary to beware of these before taking CBD.

What are the types of CBD based on the constituents?

CBD is an extract from the Cannabis plants. So, it will contain various constituents that are available in the parent plant. These constituents will present in some amount in the type of CBD you take. Depending on the type of constituents like THC and CBD, you can find THC dominant products, CBD-dominant products, and Balanced CBD/THC products. 

What are the traditional types of weed?

Weed is an extract of the Cannabis plant, predominantly from Marijuana, with a high amount of THC. Based on the type of the parent Cannabis plant, weed can be identified as Cannabis Indica weed and Cannabis Sativa weed. 

What are the properties of Cannabis Indica weed?

Cannabis Indica has its origin in the colder and mountainous regions of Afghanistan. These plants will be smaller in size and will have high THC content. It is capable of making you high instantly. It can provide mental and body relaxation. 

What are the properties of Cannabis Sativa weed?

Cannabis Sativa is from South Africa and Mexico. These plants will be opposite to that of Indica plants. They will be taller and will have less amount of THC. The CBD content will be high enough to provide the medical benefits of CBD without providing psychoactive stimulation and letting you get high. 

What is a hybrid strain of weed?

Apart from Sativa and Indica weed, there is another type known as a hybrid weed that will be the combination of both plants to create a product with the benefits combined. Modern technological advancements made it possible to have combinational benefits of Cannabis plants through this hybrid variety. Some of the hybrid strains of weed are Blue dream, Sour diesel, and Purple Kush. These hybrid strains will have different color, odor, and taste.

What are terpenes in CBD?

Terpenes are one of the constituents in CBD that is responsible for adding flavor and fragrance to the product. It will also have some effects on your body during intake. Some of the health benefits of terpenes are that they can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, anti-oxidant, sedative agent, anti-cancer agent, a bronchodilator, and much more. Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Linalool are some of the terpenes. 

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