Five Benefits of Afterschool Programs for Children

Once the bell rings and your children leave school, the learning shouldn’t stop. There is plenty of time left in the day to learn something new. However, if this time is not carefully utilized, your child may take the wrong route. He can indulge in unproductive, unhealthy or even dangerous activities. 

That’s where after school programs help. When your child has a place to go after school, he makes the most of his time making friends, learning things he is interested in and taking a break from his school-related obligations. It mitigates his tendency towards harmful behaviors, be it lethargy or the cultivation of an unhealthy mindset. The time spent in productive activities enables your child to get more active and build a positive and strong character. 

If you are still confused about whether or not it is a good idea to get your child enrolled in an after-school program, this article is for you. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of afterschool programs. So, let’s get into the details. 

  1. Develop a sense of belonging:

The after-school program doesn’t necessarily have to be run by the school or district. It doesn’t have to do anything with school or even with its extracurricular activities. It can be something your child is passionate about and want to pursue as he grows up. It can be football, painting, learning a new language or swimming. Whatever that is, make sure it interests your child. Spending an entire day at school is exhausting for children. They would only be interested in an after-school program that lets them get a break from the usual cliques. 

If the program is run by the school or local district, it will provide your child the opportunity to reconnect with school friends in an entirely different setting. Feeling as if he is a part of a group, your child will develop a sense of belonging. Since these programs are supervised by adults, it is safer as compared to the time your children spend at the playground. 

  1. Improvement in social skills:

A good after-school program promotes three things:

  • Respect
  • Cooperation 
  • Support

This provides your child with a sense of security while joining a new sport or initiating a conversation. He doesn’t fear failure as working as a team ensures each team member works as one unit and help others to grow. He knows he will not be laughed at or make fun of even if he slips up. He knows his sympathetic peers will always be there to lend a helping hand and to pick him up. 

  1. Offer academic support:

If your child is weak at a certain subject, you can enroll him in an after-school program that offers academic support. You will find various afterschool programs that offer homework help. These programs provide your child with the support he needs with his studies and make him better understand what he has learned at school. This also helps him to get into a routine of finishing his homework on time. Getting your child homework done earlier in the day will make the entire family’s evening more relaxed and pleasant. 

  1. Make learning more enjoyable: 

Let’s admit. The traditional ways used by schools to teach areas like science or computers are actually boring. When you enroll your child in an after school academic program, he gets to learn better. Unlike school, he is not expected to take tests or quizzes. He rather works with other children in groups to experiment with what he has learned. It offers children a great way to communicate and learn what they find hard in school in a fun way. You can also enroll you, child, in programs that offer music, drama and art classes. This will help your child to find a new interest and pursue it. 

  1. Develop confidence:

When compared to school, children with low self-esteem or confidence find afterschool programs more forgiving. They don’t feel the pressure they face at school as the stakes aren’t that high. Such children when enrolled in creative programs find themselves willing to try new things. It encourages them to take positive risks. This helps them to develop confidence and their self-esteem goes higher. 

Wrapping up!

Turn the aimless time your child spends after school into something productive. Enroll him in an after-school program.

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