Discount Dental Plans – This Is Why They’re An Excellent Insurance Alternative

Discount dental plans are different from dental insurance in many ways. The biggest difference is that you can see a participating dentist for almost any reason and be seen without having to worry about whether the insurance company will cover you or not. You see, dental insurance, or insurance of any kind, does not cover conditions that are considered to be pre-existing. This means that if you have a broken tooth that needs to be fixed and you don’t already own a dental insurance plan then you would have to pay for it yourself, regardless of if you went and bought a policy today or not.

Dental insurance requires every individual and family member that is covered under the plan to wait a full year before the policy will begin to help pay for pre-existing conditions. That means that if you are in pain right now or if a pre-existing issue causes you pain six months from now, you’ll still have to pay for it yourself because the insurance company will reject your claim.

Discount dental plans are much more flexible. Since these plans are not insurance you don’t have to worry about any claim forms or approvals. You simply visit a participating dentist or specialist in your area, get your teeth fixed and pay the dentist the reduced fee in full at the time of your visit. Most of these plans offer savings from ten to sixty percent on everything from cleanings, to braces, to dentures. There are no age limits and very little paperwork to deal with.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dental plan recently, you should really take a good look at a discount dental plan first. I think that the savings offered will be a pleasant surprise.

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