Could a Laser Cap Be Right For Your Hair Growth Regimen

Hair loss can be quite a devastating experience and may leave you feeling hopeless and with a loss of confidence. You may have tried to make it less obvious or wear a ball cap regularly. There are various treatment options you can look toward to find a solution that works for you. Many laser hair growth devices are on the market, but they leave you tethered to a device multiple times a week for extended periods. This may seem like the amazing results that come with FDA cleared hair growth devices may not fit your schedule, but this is not the case. Laser caps are new revolutionary hair growth devices that allow you to continue hair growth treatments on the go! They can even be used in conjunction with other hair growth regimens such as DHT blocking shampoo.

So why should you invest in a laser cap? Before we get to the technical and scientific reasons, let’s take a look at the fact that it is one of the only portable devices. With other hair growth devices such as helmets, you can get headaches from the pressure. Still, with a laser cap, you get the comfortability of a normal ball cap, and you can continue your regimen on the go since they are fully portable. That means you can perform your hair growth treatment while running errands, while you’re out eating lunch or doing things around the house, or even while you’re at your desk at work. Nothing can get in your way of you treating your hair.

Laser caps are engineered with as many as 272 medical-grade lasers that evenly target the entirety of your head, and they are usually covered by a silicone insert that allows for easy cleaning and conceals internal circuitry. The lasers inside the cap have been known to increase the delivery of oxygen and other beneficial nutrients to the follicle that promote growth and even energize and awaken dormant or weakened follicles. Other benefits include reversal of thinning hair, restoration of the natural growth cycle, stimulation of hair growth to be fuller, denser, and stronger.

The benefits of an FDA cleared hair growth cap are huge in the field of hair growth and restoration. It is also one of the only laser hair growth devices that is truly portable, allowing you to continue your treatments on-the-go and be more consistent, which provides better and more consistent results. Check out some retailers who provide FDA cleared hair growth devices to find the right one for you and your hair growth journey.

Companies such as HairMax and others offer FDA cleared laser hair growth devices such as laser caps, combs, and bands that have shown amazing results in hair restoration.

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