Connect With the Beautiful US Wildlife

Many attractions come to mind when planning the trip to United States and it sure varies by age and background of the traveller. While exploring the wildlife might not be the first option coming to mind, considering the wide variety of animals living there in their natural habitat all across US, one might need to reconsider the trip itinerary.

From the beautiful Rocky Mountains to forests and swamps, you could capture great pictures from alligators, majestic bison and the famous American buffalos while enjoying the natural reserves across the country. Here we introduce some of the areas known best for their wildlife and our tips for necessary precautions:

Alligators and Crocodiles

We begin with one of the deadliest animals in the North America which could be seen at Everglades National Park in Florida among other places in south east US. While alligators and crocodiles are similar and live in the same habitat together, crocodiles can be identified by their narrower snout and large bottom tooth when their law is closed.

The best time for observing alligators in the park is during the winter season (Which in Florida means a cool summer). During that time you will find large numbers of alligators in the saltwater across the park. Keep in mind that you are dealing with an extremely powerful and wild animal so avoid feeding them and do keep a safe distance.

Roosevelt Elk

Great point about wildlife in US is the unique creatures living in this vast state one of which being the Roosevelt Elk. To get a glimpse of this beautiful creature do not miss the Olympic National Park in Washington State. Named after Theodore Roosevelt, revolutionary protector of wildlife in US, this large species of elk is distinguished by the dark brown head. This beautiful natural reserve was actually created by Roosevelt himself to protect the elks in a beautiful park with rainforests, beaches and glaciers all side by side.

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