Clash of The Two Surgeries- Lap Band and Gastric Sleeves

The medical world has always charged up in finding out the cure for every type of problem. Obesity has been one of the major issues which a person from every age group faces. A lot of treatments are available for their benefits. But they need to be aware of a lot of things before making a verdict about their concern. Let us now understand the difference between gastric sleeve and lap band.

Clash of The Two Surgeries

Let us find out who will be more précised in this battle Gastric sleeve vs. Lap-band.

Gastric sleeves

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The Gastric sleeves are obliging, as they are helpful in the permanent reduction of your stomach size to more than half. The decrease of the stomach size does not really affect the process of digestion of the body. Hence, this type of surgery is quite radical than a bypass. Over time, this kind of procedure has got much decisive feedback from its respective patients about its reliability.


  1. Slow down the overconsumption of food even as lowering the craving.
  2. Helpful for a lot of patients precisely. Many of the people’s primary choices are Gastric sleeves.
  3. It is also safe for patients having a low BMI (Body Mass Index).


  1. This type of surgery is permanent.
  2. The patient should be careful of the fact of overeating.

Lap Band

The lap band operation can be sufficient for those patients suffering from obesity for a very long period. Besides, even for people with a terrible experience in having a surgical weight loss. In the Lap-Band surgery, there is a device that is used to the complete stomach, leaving some part for food storage.


  1. Simply persistent, and it’s not irreversible.
  2. Beneficial for even the patients suffering from severe obesity.


  1. Not as much effectual than other surgeries
  2. It has a higher complication rate.
  3. Other added procedures are obligatory in this surgery for corrections.


We hope that this article based on Lap band vs. Gastric sleeve might have been helpful for you a lot. Then do let us know which one is great to choose for a better treatment. Also, if anyone from your family or friends is suffering from the obesity ailment, then find out the go for the topmost Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana.

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