Celery Juice: The Hidden Health Benefits

Many people say that celery juice recipes are doing everything from helping them reduce blood pressures, lower blood sugars, help people lose weight, and cure a variety of other remedies. But, is any of it even true? Does celery juice live up to the hype?

We are here to explore that exact concept!

First off, let’s settle one thing: juices with greens in them can help on the weight loss front.


Easy, they cut down on the calories. It also helps cut down on the sugars (natural or not sugar is still sugar) that would be in otherwise very sugary fruit smoothies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean JUST celery juice recipes. Any greens that you add to smoothies will likely take the calorie and sugar content way down over using ingredients like sugary fruits and juices.

People love to add all kinds of vegetables to their smoothie recipes. If you are looking for a satisfying smoothie alternative, your best way to go is to start with a vegetable-based smoothly and add smaller amounts of fruit and juices to the vegetable-based to keep the calorie count low.

Creating your smoothie recipe is something you have to customize to your taste. However, the following options are great ideas to help you start building a lower-calorie smoothie that can provide a variety of health benefits:

Start with an Ice Base:

Start your smoothie out with ice. It will help it thicken up and give it that texture you crave without adding tons of extra calories. Ice can make a great base for a smoothie.

Choose Unsweetened Nut Milk:

Rather than using sugary juices for the liquid in your smoothie, rely on low-fat, low-calorie nut milk for your base. For example, eight fluid ounces of unsweetened almond milk only has 40 calories, and 3 grams of sugar or unsweetened coconut milk has 50 calories and 5 grams of fat. These are much better alternatives to sugary juices that you probably used before.

Pack in the Greens:

Greens are relatively low-calorie, yet are voluminous in size, which can help you fill-up. Spinach, kale, etc. are great choices to add-in. Celery juice is another great choice as it adds a list of other benefits including:

  • helps you feel full longer
  • helps spark weight loss
  • balances blood sugar levels
  • maintaining healthier cholesterol levels
  • feeds good bacteria in the gut
  • helps boost the immune system
  • helpiing reduce your risk of heart disease or type 2 diabetes

Add Small Amounts of Fruit:

Adding a little bit of fruit can help sweeten your smoothie up without packing in excessive amounts of calories. Sweeten to taste. Your alternative is to use other natural sweeteners like Stevia to help sweeten the beverage without making it full of extra sugars and calories you want to AVOID.

Drinking Celery Juice & Other Low-Calorie & Low-Sugar Options Help:

Choosing vegetable juices or smoothies that are lower-calorie in option and lower-sugar can help you cut weight and also help ward off many other ailments that are listed above. Replacing certain foods that you eat or even a meal a day with a vegetable smoothie or juice can help you not only lose weight but also get in the vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that you need throughout the day while cutting sugar, calories, and the stuff you don’t need!

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