CBD Money Making: How Is It Possible

How To Create A Successful Marijuana Dispensary Application

Imagine you have saved some money and want to invest it profitably. In the current phase of low interest rates, you can forget money accounts, fixed deposits, etc. An investment in stocks, funds, ETF’s e.g. can certainly be more worthwhile, however, success there depends on market events, the economy and above all on one’s own experience and knowledge of monetary policy contexts. A successful investment in CBD requires a lot of time, regular restructuring of the investment and even with success, permanent average returns of more than 5% annual return are difficult to achieve, always bearing in mind that there can be years with large losses.

The most important “organ” of a plant is its roots. In order for a plant to thrive and absorb enough nutrients, the roots must be protected from light, among other things. If the plant is not rooted in the ground, you will need a container that will provide sufficient darkness for the roots. Basically, you could use ordinary home improvement flower pots. However, there is still a lot to consider before you can put your cannabis plants in the appropriate planters.

What kind of environment do the roots of your cannabis plant need?

We have already mentioned an important point that is the darkness. Furthermore, the roots should never dry out, but also not stand in water, as this can lead to fungal infections. The pots should therefore have enough holes in the bottom where the water can run off, so-called drainage holes.

The roots need a lot of oxygen in order to be able to develop a healthy root system so that they can absorb the existing nutrients and the plant grows faster as a result.

Preliminary considerations:

How much space do I have available? How big should the plants get? Rectangular or round pots? What is the climate like? Do you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors? Are you pulling from the seed or do you have a cutting to plant? Should the plants be repotted? How long is the growth phase? And how long is the flowering phase? Do the plants have to be moved more often? Do you want to use the pots several times? What material should the pots is made of?

Growing in pots: fabric pots

For a good exchange of oxygen, we recommend fabric planters. The so-called Smart Pots are recyclable, extremely light, easy to store and can be used for several cultivation runs. They are also available with a handle for easier movement of the plant. The smart pots are characterized by the fact that they prevent circular root growth. The growing of the roots in a circle leads to a compaction of the root system and the impairment of the nutrient absorption, which leads to the fact that the growth of the cannabis plant is restricted. With the Smart Pots, the roots on the edge of the fabric pot are trimmed by air, which stimulates the formation of new roots, which promotes healthy plant growth.

To make the most of the space in a grow tent, it is advisable to use rectangular, thin plastic planters that can be easily placed next to each other. If you want to accommodate as many plants as possible in the smallest of spaces because you believe that this will increase your yield, square pots made of plastic are the first choice for you. If you can make it perfect, then you can sell CBD-Plant for 1500Euro.

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