Cardiorespiritory Fitness and Exercise

Cardiorespiritory fitness is one of the essential ingredients for fitness and is acclaimed for improving cardio health. The terms cardiorespiritory fitness describes best the health and functions of the heart. Lungs and the circulatory system and relates to cardio endurance, the ability of a person to sustain activity for a prolonged period of time. It also describes the ability of a persons lungs to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the blood, and in addition, the ability of the circulatory system to transport the blood and nutrients to active tissues for long periods oft time without becoming overly fatigued.

There are many benefits of cardiorespiritory fitness. It helps to decrease the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is achieved by modifying some of the risk factors which include obesity, insulin resistance and hypertension.

Cardiovascular health however, goes way beyond just being aerobically fit. The status of the blood vessels and the heart and circulatory system are defined by the status of ones cardiovascular health. If you can attain good cardiorespiritory fitness, this is one of the primary routes to gaining good cardiovascular health.

There are many routes to gaining good cardiorespiritory fitness. Tennis, running, basketball, volleyball and boxing, and virtually all muscular strength training programs will provide huge benefits to cardiorespiritory fitness. A good level of cardio fitness will generally provide more stamina, resulting in less injuries and less fatigue during physical activities.

There are a number of important components to an aerobic training program. These include the warm-up and the cool-down, the mode of exercise, the frequency of the sessions, the duration, the intensity, any supportive conditioning exercises such as strength and flexibility training.

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