Beauty and the Beast: Our Favorite Childhood Story

There are various forms of depicting art and very few can match up to that of musicals. Very often we get bored while watching a play with monologues and loads of drama. Now if the jig is in musical form, it definitely gets more interesting. At certain plays, each and every dialogue is in the form of songs and that is quite entertaining. Also, the more soothing the music, the better. The audience also has to pay more attention at musicals and at times they may not gauge the dialogues if it’s sung too fast.

Now who hasn’t heard of Beauty and the Beast while growing up? It’s been one of the most popular stories for kids and is loved by one and all. It told us the story of a merchant and his three daughters of which two were extremely selfish and rude while the third, Beauty was kind at heart and found happiness in small things. Even when her father leaves for work, she only tells him to get a rose on his return while the sisters ask for jewellery.

Once the merchant leaves his home, he ends up in a house with a Beast. On her father’s return, Beauty goes to the house and meets the Beast and after repeated marriage proposals from him, she still refuses. She only realizes her love for him when she returns home and sees him fallen down. Now will he be her prince charming and will they live happily ever after is what forms the rest of the story.

There is also another version of Beauty and the Beast where most of Beast’s part is changed. While the original claimed that the Beast was formed due to not helping a lady at her time of need while the other states that he was turned into a beast by an evil fairy who seduced him in the form of a queen.

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