Airway Hyperresponsiveness: It’s More Common Than You Might Think

What even is airway hyperresponsiveness?

Another name for asthma? Some people have hyperresponsive airways (twitchy airways) that a methacholine challenge could discover. Even though there isn’t a great deal that could possibly be done for twitchy airways since airway epithelium is rather hard to change, and frankly, there is a lot that researchers are still figuring out. There’s ongoing research that is looking at ways that airway epithelium might be altered. But we’re not at this point yet. In certain individuals’ experiences, bronchodilators could provide temporary solutions/relief. They’re known to be useful in keeping hyperresponsive symptoms. But what’s been found to be an integral component is having great overall asthma management. This means avoiding triggers, maintaining inflammation checks, and remaining along with any changes.

Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) is a hallmark clinical symptom of asthma. At least two components of AHR have already been identified:

1) Baseline AHR, which can be persistent and presumably brought on by airway remodeling due to chronic recurrent airway swelling.

2) Intense and factor AHR associated with an episodic increase in airway inflammation due to ecological factors such as allergen exposure.

Despite intensive study, the mechanisms underlying acute and chronic AHR are poorly understood. Due to the intricate range of interactive procedures which could possibly be involved, in vitro design systems and animal models are crucial to the unraveling of these mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level.

How can I be Tested?

There are companies such as Provocholine that produce testing kits for health practitioners. These tests are safe and easy to use and provide great results.

Diagnosing asthma happens in a few steps. First, a patient will present symptoms. Your healthcare provider will then take a detailed history before performing spirometry without a bronchodilator. If a positive result occurs, then your healthcare provider will provide a plan of action, and recommendation follow-up visits over the coming years. By testing your airway hyperresponsiveness, your doctor can potentially save your life.

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Provocholine tests for airway hyperresponsiveness in potential asthmatic patients.

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