5 Growing Tips For Lemon Lemon Kush Strain Seeds

Lemon Kush strain is one of the great flavoured weeds with no haters and is loved by rookies and veterans alike. If you’re planning to grow Lemon Kush seeds in your backyard or garden, then you’re in luck. We have written this article solely to help you understand how you can grow this particular strain. You also need to do some things to get higher yields, but before starting, we will also let you know about the online dispensary from where you can buy Lemon Kush strain seeds online.

Where to buy Lemon Kush strain seeds online?

You can buy Lemon Kush strain seeds online from Weed Seeds. The seeds provided by them are of good quality and give high yields. It is also one of the main reasons why so many people prefer weed Seeds for getting good high yielding seeds.

Growing tips for Lemon Kush seeds

Keep reading the points mentioned below for high yielding Lemon Kush seeds.

1- Grow them outdoors

The main reason people cultivate Lemon Kush seeds is that they are high yielding plants. When grown outdoors, the plants give around 35 oz per plant. At the same time, when grown indoors, it gives around 18 oz/ sq.ft. When growing outdoors, the soil should be of high premium quality. The flowering time is around 9-10 weeks.

2- Enhance the smell with compost tea

The strong smell of the lemon Kush can be enhanced by adding some compost tea to the soil. The microorganisms in the compost tea will react with the soil and improve the seeds’ aesthetics. The compost tea should be added directly to the roots, and you do not have to worry about the tea damaging the plant.

3- They can withstand higher humidity

Some marijuana plants do not do well with higher humidity. These strains can withstand humidity levels up to 80%. After plants enter the flowering stage, you can then reduce the humidity up to 50%. This is still higher than what most plants can endure.

4- Give them ample LED lighting

Sine LED lights also provide dozens of spectra that are similar to the spectra provided by natural light. It is also the main reason many professional weed growers use LED lights. It is also cost-effective and lasts longer. LEDs are better than other light sources as they require high maintenance, and also, there is a huge rise in the energy bill.

5- Organic fertilizers should be used

If you’re against the use of chemical fertilizers, then we have some recommendations for organic fertilizers. These organic fertilizers include bat guano, compost tea, chicken, rabbit, pig, sheep manures, etc. You can get all these fertilizers in your local garden shop.

Wrapping up

First, you must buy Lemon Kush strain seeds online from Weed Seeds and keep the points mentioned above in mind for optimum results.


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