How to find out the most effective Affirmations to revamp your mental state?

Words are the most amazing things that describe everyone’s life. Be it positive or negative. Affirmations have a huge impact on the thinking pattern, hence the outcome. When you practice daily affirmations, you help yourself overcome fear and face the situation. Psychologists thus suggest believing in you and driving away all the negativity from life. […]

Recognising The Signs of Addiction

What are the signs of drug addiction? Many people don’t realise that they have an addiction until their life has become unmanageable because of it, and often by this point, it can be difficult to get help. If you suspect that you or someone you know has an addiction, the signs of addiction may be […]

What are the basic Pathology Equipments used in Digital Pathology?

Introduction The process of scanning glass slides using a whole slide image scanner and then evaluating the digitized pictures with an image viewer, usually on a computer display or mobile device, is known as digital pathology. Digital pathology is the use of digital pathology equipments to examine digital whole slide images (WSIs) generated by high-resolution […]